KRNLPWR (Kernel and Power without vowels) consults and advises clients in the fields of solar energy resources, solar power technology, solar power systems and integrated operations of solar technology and systems within electric power generation, transmission and distribution systems. Edward C. Kern, Jr., Ph.D. is the managing member of KRNLPWR LLC and a Fellow of the American Solar Energy Society.

Dr. Kern has over forty years experience working with photovoltaic systems and their interconnection to electric power systems. He has participated in photovoltaic system research, development, and engineering projects across the United States and internationally since the mid-1970s. He worked with the International Finance Corporation to design and install the first megawatt-scale PV system to support clean electric power development in developing countries. He has served as a consultant to the International Finance Corporation, World Bank Group, in the area of sustainable energy and infrastructure.

He is active in the field of solar energy resources assessment, system design, and system performance modeling. His former instrumentation company Irradiance manufactures Rotating Shadowband Radiometers, field survey instruments for measuring and recording global, direct and diffuse solar radiation that he invented in the early 1990s. Since 2006 Irradiance has provided these instruments to customers in Spain, Australia, Mexico, Israel, Jordan, India, China, Chile, Italy, Greece, Indonesia, the Philippines, Canada and the United States, including the National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s Solar Radiation Research Laboratory. As founder and president of Ascension Technology (1987-1999) he oversaw the design and installation of over 200 grid-connected photovoltaic systems, many the first operated states across the US and internationally.

Before founding Ascension Technology in 1987, Dr. Kern was a member of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology faculty and research staff. During the early 1970s he taught fluid mechanics and studied the dynamics of engineered structures exposed to ocean waves, including floating barriers designed to contain oil spills. In 1977 he joined a new Energy System Group at MIT Lincoln Laboratory whose charter was to develop terrestrial applications for solar photovoltaic technology. As a leader in this Group, he developed and managed the US Department of Energy’s national program to develop residential roof-mounted solar PV systems.

Dr. Kern is a Senior Member of the IEEE, In 2005 he was elected a Fellow of the American Solar Energy Society. He is a graduate of Dartmouth College and the Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth College. His Ph.D. is from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.